Enjoy a free copy of the Macworld digital magazine!

Macworld has been chronicling Apple, its awesome products, and its generous ecosystem since the beginning-or, to be more precise, since 1984 when Steve Jobs announced the very first Macintosh and our founding editors launched Macworld magazine. We (regrettably) discontinued the print edition in 2014, but the magazine continues today in digital form.

Today, we'd love to reacquaint you with the Macworld magazine experience, so please download this complimentary PDF copy of the February issue. Like what you see? On page 2 of this issue, you'll find a link to purchase 12 issues of the Macworld digital magazine edition for just $9.99, a 50 percent discount.

In every monthly digital edition, the Macworld editors curate the best tips, reviews and features into a truly "best of" experience, complete with a lush, magazine-style design-that's nearly free of ads. So please check out the February issue. It's an awesome collection Macworld's best, and we think you'll love it. Here's a peak of a small portion of what's inside: