Cisco launches a developer-community cert program

SAN DIEGO - Cisco revamped some of its most critical certification and career-development tools in an effort to address the emerging software-oriented network environment.

Perhaps one of the biggest additions - rolled out here at the company's Cisco Live customer event - is the new set of professional certifications for developers utilizing Cisco's growing DevNet developer community.

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, Specialist and Professional certifications will cover software development for applications, automation, DevOps, cloud and IoT. They will also target software developers and network engineers who develop software proficiency to develop applications and automated workflows for operational networks and infrastructure.

"This certification evolution is the next step to reflect the critical skills network engineers must have to be at the leading edge of networked-enabled business disruption and delivering customer excellence," said Mike Adams, vice president and general manager of [email protected]  "To perform effectively in this new world, every IT professional needs skills that are broader, deeper and more agile than ever before. And they have to be comfortable working as a multidisciplinary team including infrastructure network engineers, DevOps and automation specialists, and software professionals."

Other Cisco Certifications changes include:

New network technologies such as intent-based networking, multi-domain networking, and programmability fundamentally change the capabilities of the network, giving network engineers the opportunity to architect solutions that utilize the programmable network in new and exciting ways, wrote Susie Wee senior vice president and chief technology officer of DevNet.

"DevOps practices can be applied to the network, making the network more agile and enabling automation at scale. The new network provides more than just connectivity, it can now use policy and intent to securely connect applications, users, devices and data across multiple environments - from the data center and cloud, to the campus and branch, to the edge, and to the device," Wee wrote.

She also announced the DevNet Automation Exchange, a community that will offer shared code, best practices and technology tools for users, developers or channel partners interested in developing automation apps.

Wee said Cisco seeded the Automation Exchange with over 50 shared code repositories.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that network ops can be handled much more efficiently with automation, and offering the tools to develop better applications is crucial going forward,"  said Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research.